8/29 CW: Timelines and Researching History HW: Write down 5 events and dates that happened before you were born but are related to your family: examples: mom and dad meet, older bro or sis born, a big move, ...can include one historical event that interests you.
8/26 Cultures of the World through FOOD.
HW: Have a great weekend. Read for fun.
8/24 Complete vocab terms and definitions from class. (19 total) List available below.
8/23 First homework assignment using online textbook(Ch.1Lesson1 also available below but given out in class). Textbook website: connected.mcgraw-hill.com
Username: LCSB_id#
PW: lcs12345 unless you're from Sealey, then its seals1
8/22 Week Two! Yippee! Today students took their pretest on content that will be covered in this class. Students need to come to class with 2 pens and novel everyday.
Classroom donations: clorox wipes and tissue boxes would be greatly appreciated. :)
8/17 Masterlock Homework: click on the below links and complete the assignment given out in class (also available below). Turn in Friday.
Masterlock One-Minute Video    If you have any issues with the links, please see me before school at 9 am and/or email me at inglettk@leonschools.net
8/16Syllabus coming home today. Please sign and return tomorrow.
8/16 Welcome Parents and Students!
This is where I will keep you posted of upcoming class events and assignments. 
  • For now, students will be coming home with a syllabus the first week of school. Please read over it, sign it, and have your student return it to me by Friday, 8/19. 
  • No backpacks the first week of school. Wait until you have been assigned your locker and feel comfortable with the combination Master Lock. 
  • Check back here for homework assignments. I will post them regularly. 
I am so excited for the new year and cannot wait to get to know your student better! 
Mrs. Inglett

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