Monday,May 22nd---Black & White Day
Tuesday,May 23rd---Hawaiian/Flower Day
Wednesday,May 24th---Tie Dye Day
Thursday,May 25th---Favorite Team Day (Collegiate,Professional)
Friday,May 26th----Raa Day  blue, yellow or white
Tuesday,May 30th---Wacky Tacky Day

May 18: Final EXAM Study Guide below in documents, use online textbook to complete and study.
Continue to draw the world! Final Exams will be Thursday, Friday, Tuesday.

Study online at purposegames.com (search South America, or Carribean, etc)
Paper studyguide below (South America and Central America).
May 4: HW: wear sneakers tomorrow, Pok-A-Tok Mayan Ball game competition.
Pok-A-Tok clip
Disney Pok-A-Tok clip
May 3: Finish Appalachian Trail Questions.
May 2: Land Bridge Clips and questions:
Video 1
Video 2
Human Migration Clip
Animals that Migrate link

Bellringer: Land Bridge Theory Video questions

Answer the Raa Way or copy questions.

1. How did an Ice Age create a LAND bridge?

2. What two continents were connected by this land bridge?

3. Why did people migrate south into the Americas?

4. Name 3 Native American groups:

5. List 3 animals nomads hunted:

6. What happened to the land bridge and why?

7. True or False, It is believed these people settled on the land bridge.

8. What animal is sketched?

4/25 Ch. 7 Test Friday: Study Greek Crucible Notes (also available below w/answers), Ch. 7 Vocab, and Quizlet on Greek Crucible
4/24: HW: Chart comparing Persian Wars with Peloponnesian War (use Ch. 7 Lesson 3 and 4)
4/20-21: Recreate Greek Battles of Marathon and Thermopylae in Graphic Novel form.
4/18-19 Greece Crucible of Civilization Notes/ Video
4/7 Online Textbook Assignment (located below) & CNN Student
HW: Extra Credit Jewish Festival, take a picture of yourself enjoying some cultural aspect of the event and email/text to inglettk@leonschools.net (3 points added to final grade)
4/6 King Minos and the Minotaur (HW: Maze)
4/4 Greece and Geography: How did it affect their culture?
3/22 Mongols and Marco Polo HW: halfsheet using textbook Ch. 15 Lesson 3 below.
Today we read Ch. 15 Lesson 2 and complete the progress checks and review questions 1-6. Also check out the Lesson Resources on Silk Road, Moveable Type, Landscape Painting Styles, and Chinese Art/ Memory Game.
3/8 PRezi on Imperial China, due Friday

Prezi Assignment: prezi.com

Create a new account unless you already have one.

Your last name is Raa

Enter your school email address and password

Make these slides (the underlines can be your titles): each slide worth 10 points

Title Slide:  Imperial China and your name

End of the Han Dynasty, what will we miss about them?

AD 220 now what is going on in China? (pg. 408, first 2 paragraphs)

AD 581 New Dynasty is the Sui (SWAY) pg. 408 and 409 (3 characteristics about them)

AD 618 Tang Dynasty pg. 410 (3 characteristics about them)

AD 960 Song Dynasty pg. 411 (2 characteristics)

 Main Idea of Buddhism in China pg. 412, 413

neo-Confucianism pg. 414

 Civil Service main idea pg. 415

 Final Thoughts for Ch. 15 Lesson 1 (2 main points)

3/3 Current Events and Review China. CNN Student News click here.
3/2 Test Study Guides go home HW: complete decoding on the back
3/1: China Dynasties!
2/24: Current Events
Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Click here.
2/21: China TODAY, click here.
2/20: China Webquest! (complete for HW)
Tibet & Himalayas, click here.
The Fertile Loess Plateau & Yellow River, click here.
The Gobi Desert, click here.
Mt. Everest, crowded? click here.
2/15 India Wrap-Up Available below in files.
Open and copy and paste into your OneDrive.
HW: India Study Guide - Test Friday
2/13 India HW: Chapter 9 Assessment Geography 1-8
Multiple Choice 1-10 (answer 9 and 10 Raa Way)
2/10 Geography Quiz SE Asia Countries
CNN Student News click here.
2/8 Ancient Religions of India Continued with M
2/7 Start this video at 9 min to review Caste System and Buddhism. Click here. HW: Crossword Puzzle on India and Progress Reports
2/6 HW: Social Class Worksheet (below also)
2/3 Current Events: Read Sarah Brock's article on All-State Chorus, click here for the Ram Bleat
History Fair Reflection (copy and paste this into your onedrive History Fair Notebook and answer.)
1. What type of project do you think you will do in 8th grade and why? (website, performance, exhibit, paper, documentary)

2. Are you interested in working with a group in 8th grade? Explain your answer. (Papers must be done individually, all others can be GROUP options)

    If yes, who do you think you would like to work with on history fair in 8th grade?

3. What did you most enjoy about this year's history fair interaction?

4. What were the most important facts you learned about your topic? List top 5.

2/2: India's First Civilization, click here.
1/27: Study Egypt notes, Graphic Organizer, Use Quizlet Review Sections.
Egypt Test Tuesday! (1st pd: Test will be Wednesday)
1/23 Ozymandias! Greek name for Ramses II (the Great)
BBC audio click here.   
1/20 All the pharaohs of ancient egypt here.
1/18: HW: Complete Ch. 5 Lesson 2 Progress Check and Review Questions unless you finished them in class.
1/17: Lesson 1, Ch. 5 Questions and How It's Made connection to Paper Making.

Ch. 5 Lesson 1 REVIEW

1. Why would it be difficult to invade Egypt

from the North? 2. South? 3. East? 4. West?

5. Which ancient civilization has the most predictable floods?

6. How did upper and lower egypt get their names?

7. In which direction does the Nile flow?

8. Why did Egypt need an organized government?

9. Create a timeline showing the life of Narmer. 6

10. Create a process picture showing how Egyptians made paper. 4 steps.

11. Research on your own how something is made. Use the wikipedia link to a popular How It's Made TV Show. What items interest you? How is it made? What are some interesting facts you learned?

Link click here.    Homework: Study your geography (Middle East area countries) if you are retaking Quiz. And Process Picture.
Extra Credit: If you have some free time over this long weekend, check this video clip on the pyramids of Giza. Answer the questions located below, "The Great Pyramid." 45 min plus filling out wkst.
1/13: Geography Quiz and CNN Student News, click here.
1/11 HW: Copy and define Ch. 5 Lesson 2 Vocabulary (12 words)
theocracy, pharaoh, bureaucrat, distributed, crucial, resided, embalming, pyramid, labor, construct, role, manual, obtain.
1/10 HW: Study Middle East Geography (middleeastegyptmap also below)
1/9 Intro to Egypt worksheet using Ch. 5 Lesson 1  HW: Copy down Ch. 5 Lesson 1 Vocab terms and define: cataract, delta, shadoof, papyrus, hieroglyphics, dynasty, embalming
1/6 Finish Process Paper and Title Page. Local Current Events at Raa, check out the Journalism's club online publication here.
January 4, 2017: Wrap-up History Fair projects with the process paper. Click here for examples.
12/28 Winter Break:
Keep working on final project if you are interested in competing for a spot at the school level. I have checked in with most of you. Email me if you need anything. Exhibit people, if you need more time, not a problem, just let me know. I'm here to help. See project examples at nhd.org, some links provided below. Use the rubrics I gave you as guidelines. 
12/6: HW: Write a partial script for your topic.
NHD Rule book located herePerformance Examples here.
12/2 and 5: Continue to work on website. nhd.weebly.com
Username: id#    pw: same as tablet        email address is school email
Want to see some examples:
12/1: Start website (5 completed pages/tabs due Tuesday).
11/29 and 30: In media center, final days to finish paper and bibliography.
11/28 work on paper
11/22 Work on paper. Website is login.microsoftonline.com
Username is your email address: id#@edu.leonschools.net 
id# again
pw: same password you use to login to tablets
11/21 Work on 1st two paragraphs of history paper. Paper rubric and outline available below.
11/17 and 18 Media Center Researching Topics HW: Thesis paragraph. Info sheet below.
11/16 History Fair Examples. Click here.
11/15: More Topic Exploration and looking for PRIMARY SOURCES. Grade check in class.
HW: Talk topics with parents and share Graphic Organizer.
11/14 Primary Sources search. NHD research links click here.
11/10: HW - Topic Ideas Worksheet (use the following links to complete)
Theme Exploration click here or go to nhd.org Theme Sheet
Florida Memory Topic Ideas click here.
Further Topic Exploration Option Click here.
11/9 Begin History Fair with the RULE BOOK. click here for NHD rule book.
11/7: Review for ch. 4 Test - tomorrow. Wear patriotic colors tomorrow.
Study Guide with answers available below.
11/3 Sumer Review Video click here.
Hammurabi's Code of Laws click here. (Scroll down to the list)
HW: My Code of Laws wkst (also available below) Due Friday
11/2 Report Cards Go Home Today.
11/1 CW: Extended Response and Ch. 4 Assessment Geography Activity 1-6 and Assessment 1-10 (1-8 multiple choice)
HW: Ch. 4 Vocab Quiz tomorrow (study sheet and Quizlet)
10/31 Centers: Mrs. Inglett's Ghost Tour of Haunted Florida, Mythical Monsters with Mr. Swint, and Day of the Dead Masks with Ms. Mulholland
10/26 Collecting make-up work. Invention Enrichment Lesson. Click here.
HW: Sumerian Invention Tally Sheet due Friday.
10/25 Building Ziggurats competition.
10/24 HW: Lesson 2 Progress Checks (3) and Review Questions 1-5 answered the Raa Way ONLY if you did not turn in your homework last week.
Touch up Vocab worksheet pictures.
HW: Vocab handout (located below also). Look up the words for Ch. 4 on the handout. In the online textbook, if you click on the vocab word it will give you the definition. Then pick 4 vocab words and give me amazing, creative, unique detailed sentences and a picture representation.
The Greek Festival is this weekend. I will not be giving extra credit for attending but if you do go, please send me a picture and I will share it with the class. We will be studying ancient Greece in the last nine weeks.
10/19 HW: Read Ch.4 Lesson 2 Progress Checks (3) Answer the Raa Way on paper.
10/18 HW: Read Epic of Gilgamesh section in Ch. 4 (3 questions). Reading check quiz in class.
10/17 Mesopotamia Enrichment
10/10 Review Day - TEST TOMORROW Ch. 3
10/7 Ch. 3 Study Guide handed out. Ch. 3 Test will be Tuesday. We will review on Monday. Fall Holiday Wednesday - no school.
Asian Festival Extra Credit. Attend this festival and take a picture of yourself enjoying some cultural aspect of the event. Email me or bring me the picture and I will add 3 points to your final grade of the nine weeks (end of the semester is 10/20). The festival will have cultural performances, arts and crafts, exhibits, demonstrations and Asian Cuisine. Admission is FREE.
When: Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 10am-5pm
Where: Lewis and Bloxham Parks, Downtown Tallahassee, Florida
10/4 Domestication Lesson using NPR audio, click here and hit play button. Make sure headphones are plugged in.
10/3 Paleolithic and Neolithic Chart due Wednesday (available below "Ch.3HW")
9/30 Ice Age Wrap-Up: Wikipedia Extinct Animals List here
HW: Extinct Animal Research wkst (available below also)
Fire by Friction Video click here
Lascaux Cave Virtual Tour click here
Online textbook: connected.mcgraw-hill.com

9/28 Chapter 3 Paleolithic People are HERE. HW: Finish classwork and ICE AGE handout. (also available below Ch.3 Lesson 1) Do not work on this more than 45 minutes.

9/26 Test Tomorrow! Ch. 1 and 2.
9/23 Barter Bag Today! HW: Study Guide for Ch.1 and 2 Test on Tuesday (study guide available below with answers)
9/22 Twilight Zone Economics. HW: Study Ch. 2 Vocab (quizlet.com search inglettk)
9/20: CW: GPS video click here.    Geocaching Video click here.     Hemispheres webpage click here.
HW: Ch. 2 Lesson 2 Vocab and discussion with parents.

9/19: HW: Connect the Dots Compass Directions worksheet
THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!! YAY! HW: Create a unique to you 16 point compass rose. Handout also available below.
9/15 CW: Practice Long/ Lat and complete Lesson 1. Open House is tonight 6pm, optional.

9/14 HW: Get Progress Report signed. Complete Australia and US Long/Lat wkst. (also available below)
9/13 CW: Longitude and Latitude HW:Read Ch. 2 Lesson 1 Hemispheres and Map Projections (pgs. 1,2,3 online)   connected.mcgraw-hill.com      username: LCSB_ID#             pw:lcs12345
List of US colleges/universities : click here.
9/9 Locate a historian in your field of interest (archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, natural history, geology, etc...) and write them a letter. Template available below.
HW: Complete the letter to historian. If you want to mail it, I will do it from the school address - NOT YOUR HOME ADDRESS.
9/8 We presented Timelines in class today. HW: Ch. 1 Assessment Multiple Choice Questions 1-8 and Raa Way 9,10, use online textbook. Textbook info is below in green highlighter.
The first question is:
1. How does the Gregorian calendar label events that happened after the birth of Jesus? If you do not see this as the first question you are in the wrong section. Go to Ch. 1, Activities Assessment, pg. 2, complete 1-10.
9/1 Timeline Project Due Tuesday when we return to school. Directions and example available below (powerpoint format). Stay safe!
8/30 Timeline Project Directions and Rubric available below(powerpoint format). Final Draft Timeline due Friday (no pencil, no notebook paper).
8/29 CW: Timelines and Researching History HW: Write down 5 events and dates that happened before you were born but are related to your family: examples: mom and dad meet, older bro or sis born, a big move, ...can include one historical event that interests you.
8/26 Cultures of the World through FOOD. HW: Have a great weekend. Read for fun.
8/24 Complete vocab terms and definitions from class. (19 total) List available below.
8/23 First homework assignment using online textbook(Ch.1Lesson1 also available below but given out in class).
Textbook website:
Username: LCSB_id#
PW: lcs12345 unless you're from Sealey, then its seals1
8/22 Week Two! Yippee! Today students took their pretest on content that will be covered in this class. Students need to come to class with 2 pens and novel everyday.Classroom donations: clorox wipes and tissue boxes would be greatly appreciated. :)
8/17 Masterlock Homework: click on the below links and complete the assignment given out in class (also available below). Turn in Friday.
Masterlock One-Minute Video    If you have any issues with the links, please see me before school at 9 am and/or email me at inglettk@leonschools.net
8/16Syllabus coming home today. Please sign and return tomorrow.
8/16 Welcome Parents and Students!
This is where I will keep you posted of upcoming class events and assignments. 
  • For now, students will be coming home with a syllabus the first week of school. Please read over it, sign it, and have your student return it to me by Friday, 8/19. 
  • No backpacks the first week of school. Wait until you have been assigned your locker and feel comfortable with the combination Master Lock. 
  • Check back here for homework assignments. I will post them regularly. 
I am so excited for the new year and cannot wait to get to know your student better! 
Mrs. Inglett

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