9/26 Test Tomorrow! Ch. 1 and 2.
9/23 Barter Bag Today! HW: Study Guide for Ch.1 and 2 Test on Tuesday (study guide available below with answers)
9/22 Twilight Zone Economics. HW: Study Ch. 2 Vocab (quizlet.com search inglettk)
9/20: CW: GPS video click here.    Geocaching Video click here.     Hemispheres webpage click here.
HW: Ch. 2 Lesson 2 Vocab and discussion with parents.

9/19: HW: Connect the Dots Compass Directions worksheet
THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!! YAY! HW: Create a unique to you 16 point compass rose. Handout also available below.
9/15 CW: Practice Long/ Lat and complete Lesson 1. Open House is tonight 6pm, optional.

9/14 HW: Get Progress Report signed. Complete Australia and US Long/Lat wkst. (also available below)
9/13 CW: Longitude and Latitude HW:Read Ch. 2 Lesson 1 Hemispheres and Map Projections (pgs. 1,2,3 online)   connected.mcgraw-hill.com      username: LCSB_ID#             pw:lcs12345
List of US colleges/universities : click here.
9/9 Locate a historian in your field of interest (archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, natural history, geology, etc...) and write them a letter. Template available below.
HW: Complete the letter to historian. If you want to mail it, I will do it from the school address - NOT YOUR HOME ADDRESS.
9/8 We presented Timelines in class today. HW: Ch. 1 Assessment Multiple Choice Questions 1-8 and Raa Way 9,10, use online textbook. Textbook info is below in green highlighter.
The first question is:
1. How does the Gregorian calendar label events that happened after the birth of Jesus? If you do not see this as the first question you are in the wrong section. Go to Ch. 1, Activities Assessment, pg. 2, complete 1-10.
9/1 Timeline Project Due Tuesday when we return to school. Directions and example available below (powerpoint format). Stay safe!
8/30 Timeline Project Directions and Rubric available below(powerpoint format). Final Draft Timeline due Friday (no pencil, no notebook paper).
8/29 CW: Timelines and Researching History HW: Write down 5 events and dates that happened before you were born but are related to your family: examples: mom and dad meet, older bro or sis born, a big move, ...can include one historical event that interests you.
8/26 Cultures of the World through FOOD. HW: Have a great weekend. Read for fun.
8/24 Complete vocab terms and definitions from class. (19 total) List available below.
8/23 First homework assignment using online textbook(Ch.1Lesson1 also available below but given out in class).
Textbook website:
Username: LCSB_id#
PW: lcs12345 unless you're from Sealey, then its seals1
8/22 Week Two! Yippee! Today students took their pretest on content that will be covered in this class. Students need to come to class with 2 pens and novel everyday.Classroom donations: clorox wipes and tissue boxes would be greatly appreciated. :)
8/17 Masterlock Homework: click on the below links and complete the assignment given out in class (also available below). Turn in Friday.
Masterlock One-Minute Video    If you have any issues with the links, please see me before school at 9 am and/or email me at inglettk@leonschools.net
8/16Syllabus coming home today. Please sign and return tomorrow.
8/16 Welcome Parents and Students!
This is where I will keep you posted of upcoming class events and assignments. 
  • For now, students will be coming home with a syllabus the first week of school. Please read over it, sign it, and have your student return it to me by Friday, 8/19. 
  • No backpacks the first week of school. Wait until you have been assigned your locker and feel comfortable with the combination Master Lock. 
  • Check back here for homework assignments. I will post them regularly. 
I am so excited for the new year and cannot wait to get to know your student better! 
Mrs. Inglett

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