Exam Week: 1st and 2nd periods Exams on Wed.
3rd and 4th period Exams on Thur.
5th and 6th period Exams on Fri.
May 28-31: SPIRIT WEEK!
Tue: Patriotic Day    WED: Hawaiian Day
Thur: Wacky Tacky NEON Day    Fri: RAA DAY
May 24: What should I study this weekend?
Studyguide for final (below) Countries of North and South America, practice drawing the world and labeling the Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, India, China, Maya, Aztec, Inca and 25 countries.
May 20: HW This week study your countries of North and South America.  Use paper studyguide or links. Or quizlet study set "Americas Countries Geography"
For Final Exam: Review Study Guide, Can you label ancient civilizations on a map? (Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, Inca, Maya, Aztec, Greece) Draw the WORLD, label 25 countries
CW: North American Geography and Appalachian Trail  HW: Study for Greece Test Wednesday
CW: Human Migration to Americas HW: Animal Migrations with Link wkst below also.
CHANGE: TEST on GREECE will be May 15th, Wednesday. 
No current event article due this week. Greece Test is Wednesday.
May 3: Shared Current Event Articles and Fables. HW: Study Guide - Test is Thursday May 9th on Ancient Greece. Answer below. Article Next Week (FRI) is National News
CW: WHEW! Sharing Articles in small groups, review video on Peloponnesian War, and CNN10 and finalizing Elective choices for next year. HW: Study Greek Battles and Quizlet Study Set: The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
Homework Current Event Articles for the remainder of the year:
Friday, 5/3: Wild Card, you pick, school-appropriate
Friday, 5/10: National News
Friday, 5/17: Current News Article (South or Central America) 
Homework: Current Event Article due Friday (Science and/or Technology)
4/23: Review Athens and Sparta Ch. 7 Lesson 2 (complete is not finished in class)
4/22: Sub Work (7 Wonders of the Ancient World)
4/18 Which City-State are you? HW: Review Ch. 7 Lesson 1 & 2 and enjoy your long weekend!
4/15 Intro to Ancient Greece!
4/9 Review for Test, Time to look up European Articles for homework
4/8 Silkworm Video, Gunpowder Video after this watch the Genghis Khan clip in your online textbook then read Ch. 17 Lesson 3.
HW: 1/2 sheet on Ch. 17 Lesson 3 (also below)
4/5 Study Guides went home for Ch. 10, Test is Thursday 4/11
4/4: Don't forget, current event articles are due tomorrow
3/28: Closer Look at Qin, Han, & the Silk Road
3/27: Another Article Example (Yours is due TOMORROW)
China Dynasties Continued (Ch. 10 Lesson 3)
3/26: Welcome Back! New Homework for the LAST nine weeks. Current Event Article and Summary due every Friday related to following topics:

*Article due Friday, March 29th  Topic:  Asia (any country Asia: India, China, Middle East, Japan, etc)

* Article due Friday, April 5th Topic: National or Local News (relating to our country or State or City)

* Article due Friday, April 12th Topic: Europe (any country in Europe: Spain, France, Greece,Italy, Norway, etc)
* Article due Friday, April 26th Topic: Science or Technology (any location)

3/13 India TEST & Begin China!
3/8: Hindu Literature and Poetry HW: Study Guide for Ch. 9 (TEST WED)
Study 3 WAYS: Study Guide Answers below, Review Ch. 9 Online Textbook highlighted terms and progress check questions, Quizlet Studyset.         GOOD LUCK!
3/7 Remediation: Return to Reading Comprehension Questions and Delve Deeper
HW: Study Guide for Ch. 9 (TEST WEDNESDAY)
3/6 Finish Empires & Reading Comprehension Practice 
3/5 Review Religions, Start India Empires HW: Finish Classwork
3/4: Finish Creative Writing Narrative (karma & dharma) HW: Primary Source wkst (Hinduism/ Buddhism)
3/1 Geography Quiz Today, Meditation HW: Read Ch. 9 Lesson 3 Extra Credit Festival this Sunday!
2/28: Review SE Asia Geography and Religions HW: Geography Quiz tomorrow
2/26 HW: Caste System of Ancient India and USA
Extra Credit! Attend Jewish Food and Cultural Fest this Sunday! Send me a pic of you enjoying an aspect of this event. March 3rd, 1030am-4pm, Temple Israel, FREE.
2/25 INDIA! Intro Click here
SGA VOTE: here
2/20& 21: Text-dependent Writing wrap-up. OZYMANDIAS
2/15: Current Event News and further population research click here.
2/14: Ch. 5 TEST luv u, sorry!
2/13: Review for Ch. 5 Test  HW: STUDY (Notes, Graphic Organizer, and Quizlet. Skim back through Ch. 5 terms and questions)
2/12: Text-Dependent Writing Practice using Ozymandias' poems. 
CH. 5 Egypt Test moved to Thursday due to many absences 2/14
HW: Ch. 5 Egypt Test Wed.
2/7: Extra Credit? Attend one of these events and take a picture of yourself enjoying some cultural aspect of festivities. Requirement for extra credit: YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD TIME! :) 
Worth 3 points added to your final grade.
FSU International Bazaar 2/16 Saturday more info click here
I have not attended this before, feel free to give me feedback if you attend (I will be unable to go).
Jewish Food and Culture Festival (one of my favs!) March 3rd Sunday 10:30am-4pm at Temple Israel off of Mahan Drive. Some local crafts for sale, small stage performances, bounce house and play area for the little ones, go inside the temple, MANY Pastries!, Bagels and Lox, Sandwiches and more. KOSHER! Parking is usually across the street at the Medical Building and you can walk or take the trolley. More info click here
2/6: Complete classwork using CH. 5 Lesson 3 and online textbook assignments that have been assigned to you. 
February 5: Ozymandias! Click here for Wikipedia Info and BBC Audio as a class. 
Homework: Write a 14 line sonnet inspired by Ramses II. aka Ozymandias (Don't tell Ms. Langston but it doesn't have to rhyme)
Jan. 28th: Pyramids and Pharaohs click here
Jan. 23: Ch. 5 Lesson 3 and Study Middle East Countries here or Quizlet Study set Ch. 5 - Egypt (inglettk)
Jan. 22: Finish Ch. 5 Lesson 2
Jan. 16th: Map and Webquest HW: Geography Quiz on Middle East/ Northern Africa Tuesday (edit - moved to FRIDAY 1/25)
Papyrus to Paper Link    Top Gear Visits Egypt Link
Jan. 15th: Notes on Ancient Egypt
History Fair...
Jan. 8th: Finalizing projects this week. Projects due Monday, Jan. 14th not including Annotated Bibliography - due Jan. 17th and Process Paper. 
We are working only on these projects in class - please check in on your students' daily progress. The best projects go on to the school-level competition Jan. 24th.
12/19-20 Midterms and Grade Recovery (any history fair related items can be corrected, completed, or improved upon) Get to me by Friday.
Final History Fair Project due Jan. 14th - Students should have rubric. (also below)
12/14 HW: Create a script for a performance (2 to 3 minutes in length) Continue to work on Bibliography
12/12 Primary Sources Locate (use these as inspiration for your script!) Primary Sources Links: One Two and Use your worksheet from class (or on your own). How many should you have for your project? 10 or more
12/10 Performance Examples HW: Brainstorm a scene idea wkst
12/7 Homework cancelled for this weekend! Enjoy! On Monday we start brainstorming performance ideas. 
I will be inputting website grades this weekend. Some papers still need to be graded. Have a great weekend!
12/4 CW: websites HW: 4 completed pages due Thursday...
12/3 CW: worked on websites HW: Continue to play with these at home. 4 completed pages due Thursday and you points for using the additional features: block quotes, audio, video, maps, images, dividers, buttons, etc. Have fun with it!
11/30 HW: I will check papers on Monday (500 words or more) Play with your website over the weekend and learn the features, if you have time. Go to nhd.weebly.com and login (DO NOT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU CREATED ONE IN CLASS) Website reminders located below in files. 
11/28: CW: Continue to work on paper, due Friday (500 words or more)
11/27: Thesis due (1st pH of history paper) 500 Word paper (or more) due Friday 
11/16: Research and Thesis HW: due Tuesday, Nov. 27th - Research wkst & Thesis (1st paragraph of paper) Email me if you need feedback. Gobble Gobble
11/13:Topic Idea Exploration (complete this sheet for HW) Use these links- NHD Theme Booklet, Florida Memory Topics, Docs Teach National Archives History FairNHD Helpful Resources
11/9 History Fair Time! First, the rules. Complete your Rule Book Wkst for homework if you did not finish in class. Feel free to start researching topic ideas that relate to this year's theme - Triumph and Tragedy.
Happy Veteran's Day!
11/8 History Fair Time! Check out this year's THEME here and Project Examples. Topic Ideas? Click here and here
11/6 Sumerian Inventions using Historical Timeline, HW: Ch. 4 Test Thursday.
11/5 Share Code of Laws, HW: Study Guide handed out - Test for Ch. 4 Thursday.
11/2 HW: My Code of Laws Handout, if you attend the Greek Festival today or tomorrow - send me a pic.
10/26 HW: Ch. 4 Vocab due Monday        Greek Festival is approaching!  Nov. 2nd & 3rd. Attend and take a pic - send to me for extra credit. 
10/24 Mesopotamia Handout (also below) Complete for homework            Ch. 4 Vocabulary Assignment due Monday, also below. 
10/23 Ch. 3 Test
10/17 HW: Create a Wordle for Ch. 4 Lesson 1 (15 words minimum) Words or ideas that are important are BIGGER than other terms.
10/16 Study-guide given out for Ch. 3 Test which will be Tuesday 10/23 (also below in files)
10/15 CW: Finished Otzi Article    HW: Otzi Story due Wednesday 10/17
10/8: Neolithic Hunter Otzi the Iceman and Murder Mystery (article below) HW: Finish reading our article from class, available below (Otzi Scholarly Article) It will help you with your story...
HW: Otzi Writing Assignment Due Thursday        

Writing Prompt: Use a creative hook with sensory details to introduce your essay and give some background on why Neolithic hunter Otzi fled into the Alps. Then use what you know from class to support your theory about what happened to him. One page minimum, can be front and back.

Be sure to include:

ü  Characteristics of a Neolithic community

ü  A probable scenario of events leading up to Otzi fleeing into the Alps

ü  Support and facts from (textbook, scholarly article, Science lesson, and/or your own research) I have posted the article from class on my website, bottom)

ü  Entertainment! Tell me a story, set the scene. Create a picture in my head.

ü  Proper Grammar and Vocabulary with varying sentence structures

10/4: Student News HW: Extra Credit available this Sat...Asian Festival 10am-5pm Get that Pic!
Extra Credit CORRECTION: Attend a local festival and take a picture of yourself enjoying some aspect of that culture. Email or give to Mrs. Inglett. worth 3 points EACH to final grade (added at the end of the nine weeks, Asian Fest 1st nine weeks, EDIT -Greek Fest 2nd nine WEEKS Nov. 2nd & 3rd)
Asian Festival: Saturday, Oct. 6th (10am- 5pm)  The festival will have cultural performances, arts and crafts, exhibits, demonstrations and Asian cuisine. Admission is free.
When :  Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 10am-5pm Where:  Lewis and Bloxham Parks, Downtown Tallahasse, Florida   GPS Coordinates 30.442000, -84.280670
10/3 HW: School Pictures tomorrow! Review Key Ideas from Ch. 3 on the back of classwork from today (Neolithic Menu/ Domesticate)
Menu Help terms click here    Domestication NPR (1st animal to be domesticated and when? put on headphones) click here
Domesticated Foods? Check this out: here
10/1 ICE AGE lesson and Extinct Animals Research (link click here)   Classwork also available below: Extinct But Not Forgotten
9/28 Mrs. Inglett is out CW: Ch. 3 Lesson 1 using textbook (also available below)
HW: Any unfinished assignments from Thur or Fri - DUE MONDAY
9/27 CW: Paleo Webquest (also available below) Use online textbook assignments and these links.   HW: incomplete classwork due Mon
FIRE!                       Cave Tour  or Cave Tour             CNN10 9/27              SGA Representative Vote -closed
9/25 Review for TEST using whiteboards and partner. HW: TEST TOMORROW
9/21: Barter Bag Activity - Time to Barter, No recessions! HW: Ch. 1 & 2 Test Wednesday (Studyguide below)
9/20: Twilight Zone Rip Van Winkle Capers & Bartering, Entrepreneurs, etc
9/17 CW: Econ Lesson using Clarence - inflation and Snackwell's Cookies - scarcity, supply, demand     
HW: Lesson 2 Quiz tomorrow (study online textbook and Quizlet - search inglettk, Ch. 2 Studying Geography & Economics, 26 terms)
9/14 It was so great to see all the parents at Open House! 
CW: Latitude and Longitude with Exit Ticket Pop Quiz  HW: Read Ch. 2 Lesson 2
9/13 Using Compass around School  HW: 16 Point Compass Rose due tomorrow
9/12 Practice Longitude and Latitude    Level 1 Game : click here        Level 2 Game: click here        Level 3 Game: click here
9/11 Reading a Map  HW: Create 16 point compass rose with a COOL and UNIQUE theme - due Friday
9/10 HW: Complete the back of handout in class        CW: GPS Video click here     Geocaching click here    Hemispheres site click here
9/7 Current Event Friday and CH. 1 Quiz  CNN Student News click here
9/6 Ch. 1 Review and Artifact Debate HW: Review for Ch. 1 Quiz (if unable to finish in class, for practice complete online assignments: Crossword, Historical Research game, Research Researching History game, Lesson1,2, and 3 Self Check Quiz.)
9/5 Anthropologist Food Study / Photo Journal click here  HW: Study for Ch. 1 Quiz Friday (study sheet below also)
9/4 HW: Finish reading Ch. 1 Lesson 3
8/31: HW: Write a letter to a historian (we researched in class) They can work at a museum or university. Topics can include archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, ancient history, etc (related to my class subject). Sending the letter is optional. We will send it from the school address, under my name. No student info other than first name should be in the letter. Letter template is available below. Letter due Tuesday (and address if mailing it) I have envelopes and stamps.
8/30: HW: The following links can help you find 2 colleges/ universities and History Museums
List of Universities and Colleges click here            List of Natural History Museums click here        Museums by State click here
8/28: Timeline Project due tomorrow (hardcopy) CW: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...
8/27: Timeline Project due Wed (info from class also below and examples in pics)
8/24: CNN Student News click here.  HW: TIMELINES DUE WEDNESDAY (more info below in files) Examples in image.
Extra Credit (CNN student news blue 1/2 sheet) We ran out of time in class today, if they finish their student news sheet using the Friday news on CNN10.com and turn it in on Monday - I will give them extra credit) 
8/20 NO Homework tonight unless you still need to turn in signed syllabus or Masterlock 1/2 sheet.
Thank you for your patience today signing on to tablets. Remember, your username is your ID #, password is formula (example: km.08.06) initials, month, year
8/17 WE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEK! Please check that your student is writing in their planner every day. Read and sign syllabus.
8/16 HW: Masterlock Combination practice 1/2 sheet. Use the following links to complete this assignment.
8/15 Writing Assignment on Procedures (Correct & Incorrect Examples) HW: Get to know your planner scavenger hunt (1/2 sheet) Also available below in files.
FYI Get all signed paperwork returned to 6th period teacher and $2 for locker rental
8/14 Classroom Procedures and Tea Party (Get to know each other) 
8/13 Welcome! I am so excited to meet all these new Raa Rams. The plan for this week is getting to know the school rules, classroom procedures, district-mandated anti-bullying videos and assess where the students are with their current knowledge of course content. I will be sending a syllabus home shortly after you've had time to wade through all the other paperwork. 


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