Final Exam Traditional Test (you've seen it twice already hint hint) Studyguide is available below, reread the sections highlighted in your online textbook to familiarze yourself with this material. Good Luck! Exams will be the last week of school on Early Release days.

Also, Geography FINAL - can you...

DRAW THE WORLD and Label the 7 Continents: North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and 

-Mesopotamia (Iraq today), India, China, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula

-Himalayas (Nepal and China)


-Silk Road

-Yellow River (aka Huang He and "China's Sorrow")

-Ganges River

-Mayans, Aztec, Incan civilization


Be safe this summer. Make smart decisions. Remember, you are responsible for things you post and do on the internet. Have fun and I will miss you! I hope you enjoyed my class. Good luck in Civics next year with Mr. Atkins, Mr. Girard, or Mrs. Williams!

5/15 Migration! link here HW: Study for Americas Country Quiz, finish Migration info on ONE animal from class. Be ready to share.
ALL CLASSES AMERICAS GEOGRAPHY QUIZ OR RETAKE THURSDAY. Studyguide available below (central america) or these sites: (also Quizlet studyset click here).
Lizard review site click here or Sheppard software review site click here                No current event article this week (6th grade field trip is Friyay!)
5/14 Appalachian Trail Conservancy link
Hikers and their Trail Names read this link
5/11: CNN Student News and Quiz for periods 3-6
map Image result for middle east map israel lebanon syria
5/7: 3rd-6th periods starting Central and South America Quiz on these countries  FRIDAY (no current event this week)
4/27: HW: Study Guide for Ch. 11 Rome, study and Current Event topic for next week: Sports and/or Health
4/25: QRL Roam around Rome
4/23: Current Event due Friday: Topic is National News, anything related to our country.
HW: Share progress report with parents        ASIA current event and summary due Friday
4/13: Science /Technology Article and Summary due    NEXT WEEK Topic: News coming out of Asia (any country)
School Climate Survey click here                                             CNN Student News link                
4/6 HW:Current Event due,  next week topic: Technology/Science
HW: Study Guide Ch. 7 & 8 Ancient Greece, TEST WEDNESDAY 4/11
3/28: Graphic Novels of Battles due MONDAY HW: Current Event and summary due Friday
3/27: Greek Battle / War REVIEW HW: Get current event and summary
3/26: New HW due every Friday, Current Event with Summary, this week: Local Florida Headline, Next Week: Greece or Europe Related (see info sheet below)
3/23 Athens and Sparta a Closer Look with online textbook assignments and handout
3/22: Which city-state quiz
3/20 WELCOME BACK! TIME FOR ANCIENT GREECE, Sing Along file Located Below, Video Clip for Living History in Ancient Greece here
3/5 Indian Literature and Mediation HW: Study guide and answer are below in files
Cultural Festival this weekend: Jewish Food and Culture Fest at Temple Israel Sunday 2/4 (10:30am-4pm) Link here If you go, take a picture of yourself enjoying some aspect of this free festival and email it to me for extra credit.
3/2 Religion Jumble Review and Meditate HW: Start working on Study Guide for Ancient India Ch. 9. Test Thursday
3/1 Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism HW: Complete India Crossword Puzzle
2/27 More Ch. 9 Lesson and Caste System of India HW handout below
2/21 Marco Polo Style (inspired) Review for Test (sheet from class with answers below in files) Good Luck! :)
2/20 Share Prezis and fill in Study Guide (Test Thur Ch. 10...)
2/15 & 16 Work on Prezis (Handout for Evens, Evens TWo, Odds, Odd Two below) Prezis due Tuesday
Study Guide with answers below- TEST Ch. 10, Ch. 17.3 Thursday)
HW: Ch. 17.3 1/2 sheet on Mongols below
CW: NPR Terra Cotta, Emperor Qin Virtual Army, Presely's Website, Silk Road and Chinese Inventions Webquest HW: SE Asia Geography Quiz Friday (study sheet below) Study site here. and here. and here
China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippine Islands, Singapore, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Laos, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia (Soviet Union), Myanmar (Burma).
CW: Ch. 10 Lesson 2 HW: Study Ch. 10 Terms and Ideas also available on Quizlet.com (search inglettk, click on study set Ch. 10 China)
CW/HW: Complete China Past and Present Wkst if not finished in class (available below) pg. 1 only.
CW: China's Dynasties Ch. 10 Lesson 1 and China Migration TODAY clip
Black History Month     Trivia Questions
CW: CNN Student News
CW: China Geography Exploration
Tibet and Himalayas Clip                        Fertile Loess Plateau clip                  Gobi Desert clip                           Mt. Everest link
HW: Study for Egypt Test (Notes in class and below)
1/26: Peer Review Website Finalists and Review for Egypt TEST (Notes and Study Techniques)
1/25 Peer Review Poems HW: Check Grades and Cit
1/23 HW: Create a poem, 14 lines (sonnet)

Create your own poem inspired by Shelley and Smith’s versions entitled “Ozymandias.” You can steal some of their words below. Also incorporate information you’ve just learned. Page title: Ozymandias Poem, minimum of 14 lines - make sure you know the tone (feel) you want your poem to have. 

London, colossal, annihilated, wreck, Mighty, decay, King, sneer, remains, despair, sands, Babylon, Wonder, Thebes, cold, Two, vast, and, trunkless legs of stone,

He meets some fragment huge

1/19: Keep working your History Fair Projects if you are interested in competing in school level. All exhibits will be in the school competition and are due Jan. 26. CNN Students News click here.
HW: Study for Middle East Countries Quiz using flipsheet, review websites like this one or Quizlet study set (search inglettk study set is called Ch. 5 Egypt)
1/10: Middle East Geography (study these countries using your study flip sheet, shepardsoftward.com games, or Quizlet study set).
1/9 Egypt: Papyrus video clip here            Top Gear crosses river in Egypt here
HW: Finish class work, work on History Fair Project
1/5 HW: Process Paper and Title page due Monday (online notebook or hard copy) See outline below and examples at nhd.org, we worked on these in class this week. 1st Period: Partial Script due Monday, 2 scene ideas and 7 dialog tags (speaking opportunities)
1/4 WELCOME BACK! Final projects for History Fair are due Jan. 26th, only the best go on to the school level competition.
NHD link here
HW: Process Paper due Monday see outline below

12/15 Have a SAFE and HAPPY Break! Work on History Fair Projects (Judges Criteria went home this week but can also be found on the nhd.org site) Email me if you need me to check your progress or critique or have a question! Let's beat those 8th graders at the School Fair!
12/7 HW: Performance Wkst (see 12/6 info) and Rule Book click here

12/6 Homework pds: 4 & 6th Watch 3 Performances at nhd site and complete half wkst. click here
12/5 Website grade 5 pages with text due Wed.
12/4 Website examples from NHD, click here
12/1 Paper must be done, play with Weebly Website over the weekend.
Need more sources? Try these sites:
American Memory (great for Women's Topics, Immigration, Military)
Final History Fair Project due January 12th (Performance, Paper, Website, Exhibit Board). 

We will continue to work on this project in class. 
The best of the best go to the school competition in February. Let’s beat those 8th graders! 

Paper Due Friday: 500 words or more (Outline Idea and Rubric Below) Need more time, just ask.
Don't forget what you are trying to prove about conflict and compromise related to your topic. 
11/28: Finish First 2 paragraphs of paper
11/27: Finish Thesis pH

11/17 HW: Work on Thesis (pH 1) of History Fair Paper. 
More info below on handout and Thanksgiving Extra Credit 
Opportunity. Please email me if you need help with Thesis or have questions.
11/14 and 15 in Media Center researching topic ideas and finding sources 
HW: Graphic Organizer (front and back) due Friday and Canned/Boxed Goods for donation
11/13: NHD Student Project Examples
11/9: Veteran's Day Lesson HW: Finish Topic and Theme Sheet, Parent Signature on Letter (all below as well)
Bring in canned goods for donations during Holiday Season. 
Student Project Examples click here
11/8 Topic Exploration! Try these resources: 
Florida Memory click here    National Archives click here    NHD Helpful Resource Links click here
11/7 NHD Audio Clip about Theme (listen from 5 min until 17:27) click here
Theme Book click here
11/2 Study guide for Ch. 4 with answers in files below. Today, Ziggurat building!
11/1 1st pd: HW: Ch. 4 Vocab sheet due tomorrow, My Code of Laws handout due Friday. (also a
vailable below in files)
Pds 2-6: Work on Study Guide, Ch. 4 Test Friday!
10/31 Florida Ghost Tour in Media Center
10/30 Hammurabi's Code of Laws
HW: My Code of Laws wkst due Wednesday (pds 2-6 only)
1st pd: Sumerian Invention wkst due today.
10/27: CNN Student News click here
HW: Ch. 4 Vocabulary wkst due Monday (also available below)
1st pd HW: Sumerian Invention Tally Sheet and writing due Monday
10/26 Epic of Gilgamesh
10/25 HW: Sumerian Invention Tally Sheet due Friday(also available below) 1st period: due Monday
10/20 HW: Ch. 4 Lesson 1 wkst, due Tuesday
Disregard Video questions on the back.
Place and Time questions are as follows:
1. What river flowed through the western side of Mesopotamia?
2. What is the approximate distance from Ninevah to Ur?
3. To what larger body of water did the people living along these rivers sail?
4. Why do you think many cities in Mesopotamia developed near rivers?
10/19 Ch. 3 Test today. HW: Otzi Story (Writing Prompt, Class Article, and My story starter ideas all available below in files) Can't wait to read your writing!
10/17 HW: Study for test (studyguide) and due Fri, Otzi Writing Assignment (given out in class today but also available below along with article from class)  Otzi Interesting Facts cont. click here.
CH. 3 TEST THURSDAY! Work on your study guide, answers below.
10/12 Wrap-Up Ch. 3 Study Guide coming home today for homework (also available below) Extra Credit Asian festival is Saturday 10am-5pm downtown
CNN Student News Link click here
10/11 Domestication of Animals click here for NPR audio
10/10 Extinct Animals List wikipedia click here    HW: Complete Extinct Animal wkst, also available below
1st period: Your homework will not be due until Thursday, we have an artistic cultural performance to attend during class tomorrow.
10/9 Neolithic Age Next - hello Farming! HW: None tonight, Check out the Lady Rams play in the Championship Volleyball Tournament! Leon HS tonight, 6pm. Go Rams!
10/6 Paleo Webquest  HW: Complete all classwork from yesterday and today - due Monday (also available below in files CH. 3 Lesson 1 and PaleoWebquest)
FIRE!!!!! click here.
Lascaux Cave Paintings from Paleolithic Age (FRANCE). For the tour, click here.
CNN Student News click here
10/5 HW: Complete CH. 3 Lesson 1 classwork and the back of the sheet ICE AGE reading. Wkst also available below.
EXTRA CREDIT: Attend the Greek and/or Asian Festival this month and send me a picture of yourself enjoying a cultural aspect of the event. Worth 2 points each to your final grade. Extra Credit sheet available in files below.
HW: Study guide for Ch. 1 and 2 Test handed out, work on it, study, the test will be next week, Wednesday (10/4) I will not be collecting study guides.
Study Guide and Answers available below.   TEST 10/4 ON CH. 1 AND 2 We will review the day before.
9/25 Native American Sites recommended by Kaylee's historian at Dartmouth! Let's explore!
Seminole Tribe click here
Miccosukee Tribe click here
Chippewa Tribe click here
Thank you for those parents that joined me at Open House! Festival Extra Credit info will be given out today and is available below. Have a great weekend!
HW: Complete Cornell Notes on Ch. 2 Lesson 2 Economics wkst
Skills that will be assessed soon: Using Distance Scale, Reading Latitude and Longitude.
9/19 HW for 2-6 periods: Wkst on reading Latitude and Longitude Australia and the USA
1st pd HW: Complete GPS video wkst and hot air balloon gridding wkst
9/18 HW: Gridding Worksheet
GPS Video click here
Geocaching Video click here
Hemispheres Webpage click here
9/15 Homework for 2nd - 6th periods only Read the first section of Ch. 2 Lesson 1 and complete guided reading worksheet from class (also available below "18" document title) just pg. 1 and 2. Remember, get to your online textbook through Classlink.
9/6 Ch. 1 Quiz Friday, studyguide also available below
CW: Food and Culture, click here, browse the first 3 pages only!
9/5 HW: Finish classwork Ch. 1 Lesson 3 Open Book Quiz questions wkst
9/1 HW: Write a letter to a historian (mailing it is optional) Template and directions provided below. Due Tuesday.

8/31: Classwork and Homework: Find a historian whose field of study interests me. Bring in their name and address for work tomorrow if you have any luck searching at home. If not, no biggie, we'll do more research in class tomorrow.
Colleges link click here.
Natural History museums click here.
Museum link click here.
8/30: Ch. 1 Lesson 1 and Lucy article (NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT)
8/25 Timelines Due Tuesday for all periods except 1st pd. timeline will be due Wednesday
I have paper and magazines for you to use if needed, help yourself. Hard copy must be turned in. More info below.
8/24 Classwork: Timelines Click here
Timeline Project Info, see below
8/22 HW: Login to Classlink from the Raa Webpage (top right)
Username: Student id# PW:first page in your planner (Probably Raarams# (birthday or birth month)
Click on Online Textbook: McGraw
Read Ch. 1 Lesson 1 and complete the half sheet front and back (also available below)
If you get prompted for an email address, type this: id#@edu.leonschools.net or school\id#
8/21 Solar Eclipse Links to enjoy:


Eclipse Mega Movie 1 min click here.
Google Info Slide show click here.
NASA LIVE broadcast channel click here.
8/18 Whew! First week done! Congrats guys! Homework: Answer the questions "Why study history?" in 2 paragraphs, due Monday. There is no wrong answer unless you show up without your two paragraphs.
8/16 Homework: Complete half sheet on using a combination lock. Use the following resources: Masterlock PowerPoint (also provided below) and watch this video clip.
8/14 What a great first day! I hope your student shares some info with you about their new teachers :)
My syllabus will be coming home tomorrow for you to read and sign. It is also available below.
8/11 Welcome Parents and Students!
This is where I will keep you posted of upcoming class events and assignments. 
  • For now, students will be coming home with a syllabus the first week of school. Please read over it, sign it, and have your student return it to me by Friday, 8/18. 
  • No backpacks the first week of school. Wait until you have been assigned your locker and feel comfortable with the combination Master Lock. 
  • Check back here for homework assignments. I will post them regularly. 
I am so excited for the new year and cannot wait to get to know your student better! 
Mrs. Inglett

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