Homework 2010-11

Homework is due every Wednesday and comes from “The World and Its People” workbook. The workbook is to stay home along with the textbook. Completed assignments should be torn out of the workbook, stapled and turned in at the beginning of Wednesday's class. All answers must be written the Raa Way.

Example of the Raa Way:

Question: 1. Why do scientists study Mount Edna?

Student Response in the Raa Way restates the question and provides the answer.

Correct Answer: Scientists study Mount Edna because it is an active volcano that will one day erupt again. Scientists monitor the volcano to make sure they can warn people when the volcano will erupt and save many lives.

Incorrect Student Answer: because it is a volcano.

Any homework assignment that is checked and signed off by a parent or guardian in the “class” space at the top of the page will receive 5 points extra credit.

World Cultures and Geography Homework Schedule

  1. Due September 1st: pgs. 1-4

  2. Due September 8th: pgs. 318-321

  3. Due September 15th: pgs. 120-123

  4. Due September 22nd: pgs. 125-128

  5. Due September 29th: pgs. 129-134 (worth 2 homework assignments!)

  6. Due October 6th: pgs. 210-214

  7. Due October 13th: pgs. 215-219

October 21st end of the 1st Nine Weeks! HW Due Wednesdays!

A new homework schedule will be sent home October 21st.