Sneak Peek at Ancient Egypt Test

Sneak Peek at some Ancient Egypt Test Questions from Ms. Leach

  1. What are the dates for Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom?

  2. What are the dates for Ancient Egypt's Middle Kingdom?

  3. What are the dates for Ancient Egypt's New Kingdom?

  4. The pyramids were built mostly during which kingdom?

  5. The famous female pharaoh Hatshepsut reigned during which kingdom?

  6. The pharaoh Khufu reigned during which kingdom?

  7. Put the kingdoms in chronological order.

  8. Where Egypt is located?

  9. What is the capital of Egypt?

  10. What did the Nile provide for the Ancient Egyptians? 3 things

  11. Be able to label these countries on a map: Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi

  12. Know where the Sahara Desert is located.

  13. What is a floodplain?

  14. What is the Nile Delta?

  15. Why was/is Egypt so nicely isolated?

  16. Who is the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld and the Nile?

  17. What book helped ancient Egyptians in the afterlife?

  18. What is hieroglyphics?

  19. How many different symbols are in ancient Egyptian writing?

  20. How many social classes did the ancient Egyptians have?

  21. Be able to put them in order.

  22. Where is the Valley of the Kings?'

  23. What famous treasure was found there in 1922.

  24. What kind of ailments/illnesses did King Tut suffer from?

  25. What killed King Tut?

  26. King Tut had 139 of these buried with him in his tomb...

  27. Why did the New Kingdom build tombs instead of pyramids?

  28. Why were so many of the pyramids already empty by the time archaeologists found them?

  29. Why was King Tut's treasure intact when the tomb was discovered?

  30. Good luck! Test on Wednesday